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I came across this article 8 Ways to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Video Marketing from my friends at Linkedin and really just want to highlight the points to show you how website videos are continually growing on the internet.

1. Social Media is more social with video.
See a recent report by Brafton Media that indicates that online video is the key driver to effective social marketing and that social media marketing with video should be a priority initiative for marketers in 2013.

2. Video generates higher engagement.
According to Facebooks best-practices guide, posts including a video generate about 100% more engagement than the average post.

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The popularity of animated video within a digital marketing strategy is growing, and whilst it was once limited to those with massive production budgets, improvements in technology mean it is now widely accessible.

Studies have proven that online video is a vital part of your marketing strategy (web visitors are 64%- 85% more likely to purchase after watching a product video, and you are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google if you are using video on your site Forrester, 1/2010) – but with the wealth of video options out there, which is best for your business?

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No one really trusts you or what you have to say about your own company. Why would they? But people will listen to other people’s opinions about your company. If they know and trust that person – so much the better. Even if they don’t, they are more likely to believe a stranger (or better yet, a bunch of strangers) talking about you rather than you talking about you. That’s why testimonial videos are so powerful.

So is any testimonial video a good one? Not necessarily. It has to accomplish three important things:

1. It has be / feel authentic.
‘Be’ is always better, but ‘feel’ is the next best thing. (We’re talking about marketing here….)

2. It has to be interesting.
A talking head is still a talking head no matter what they are saying. Plan on having something interesting going on in the video. (Showing a customer using your product or service is a good place to start.)

3. It has to deliver a message which is relevant and that resonates.
Hearing a customer say “ABC Inc. provided great service… ” is not particularly informative.

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