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Our mission is to generate new leads for your business by creating cost-effective and high-impact video campaigns that integrate with your Social Media Channels, YouTube and Website.
Martin Leaker Founder

Has been working in I.T. since the 'Information Super Highway' over 20 years ago, which was the precursor to the internet as we know it today. Moving onto IBM where he spent some very important years which included the horrendous 9/11 in 2001 where he helped supply and implement 'disaster recovery' equipment to many of his customers who realised that they would not be covered if something so tragic happened to their businesses.

Martin then went on to create many successful websites, e-commerce stores and videos where his own in house internet marketing and SEO services helped those sites and videos gain top results on the search engines.

Effortless Video was created because of the imperative need for businesses to streamline their message into videos with the ever growing number of mobile visitors to their websites.

Mobile is the most powerful sales tool we have ever known, with our powerful, high quality sales and marketing videos which work perfectly on all devices and show up at the top of the search results through our Video Marketing and Video SEO services, your business can now be generating leads in all of your prospective customers pockets!

The key idea behind our creative agency is the creation of extremely effective and high-quality sales videos at affordable pricing and to help small and medium businesses and organisations promote their products and services. By high-quality we mean videos which complete a website, create leads, perfectly integrate with it, harmonize with the whole brand image and add a missing component to the website personality.

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In Martin's words;

"We are now in the smartphone generation which is one of the most exciting times in the history of the Internet! With smartphones and tablets rapidly taking over from laptops and desktops, in effect becoming the 'remote controls' to our lives. This means we have to ensure that our businesses provide exactly what our visitors are looking for. Video engages visitors and strongly helps convey your businesses message without taking up too much room on your site. At Effortless Video we have set out to provide excellent quality video services (Video Production, Video Marketing and Video SEO) at sensible prices. These videos will help generate sales for your business and make sure you have an engaging, strong internet presence which is found and used before that of your competitors."


  • Effortless Video helped simplify successful Video production and marketing for us at an amazing price. The videos that we have not only look really professional but are helping to generate leads.

    Rod Richardson, YurtsForLife.com
  • We are getting a significant number of leads now that our videos are easily found for our keywords. Video marketing and SEO is really important now with so many videos around. Thank you!

    Alan Bell, YorkGuestHouse.com
  • I never realised I could get videos for my business at such an affordable price! Effortless Video are producing videos which are top quality, unlike the price would suggest! Thanks again.

    David Payne, AllotmentPlanner.org
  • Keep up the great work guys, videos have never been so important with so many people viewing our business from a mobile phone. The videos work perfectly on all devices and add the content we needed.

    Mark Francis, CornwallClassified.com

Our Clients

Below are some of Effortless Video customers. We value our customers a lot and believe in the saying "It's easier to keep a customer than find a new one". All of our customers recommend us - word of mouth is better than any paid-for advertising! We pride ourselves on reputation and make sure to exceed each and every customer's expectations.